The mindfulness class really helped me be more patient and open to experiences and to live more in the present which has been crucial with our baby.


MBCP program made me more aware that my experience is partially determined by my state of mind. So I remained happy and hopeful, making the experience (of labor) better.

          Comments from couples after the class:

"We are closer now.  We share thoughts and feelings more freely and we are better at listening without becoming upset or trying to change what the other partner is saying”

                 …we unplug and connect more often”

“…we are more patient and kind to one another and practice active listening more than we used to”

    "It put us on the same page through so much of labor. It was a great basis of education for what to expect and how to stay connected to each other."

Mindfulness is the reason I could do it (labor) unmedicated like I wanted and the reason I was able to come to terms with being induced.


I loved MBCP and thought the course was incredibly worthwhile. I would recommend it others and would do it again myself.